Caring More Than Others Think Is Wise

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In a world where caring more could be considered a weakness, we are going to explore the concept as one of four contained in this anonymous quote.

“Excellence is the result of:

caring more than others think is wise;

risking more than others think is safe;

dreaming more than others think is practical;

and expecting more than others think is possible.”

Over the next four posts we are going to examine each concept in depth.

Let’s start at the first element of that quote and see if we can find some practical applications, a way of giving “wheels” or “wings” to a string of words that have grabbed our attention and reflect our dreams and aspirations.

Charles and I aspire to excel as marketers and we believe this quote tells us how we can attain that aspiration.


Why Bother?

Because if we don’t try apply the words that create our dreams, we are wasting the experience of others. People who have stopped in their journey, to share the process of their progress, to look back and say this is the path I came by, and map it for those who come behind.

caring more

Because if we don’t apply the words that inspire us we waste the the light on the road that their insight can provide;  we fall in the same holes their messages told us how to avoid; and we waste our time and resources re-inventing wheels freely shared by others to make our journey more productive and safer than theirs.

light on the path

So,  the proposition is excellence is achieved by:

Caring more than others think wise.

I can best illustrate the results of caring more or caring less by relating some recent experiences.

Case study One

Charles had to try and retrieve all his JVZoo product purchases after a double hard drive crash wiped out his backup.

JVZoo is really excellent and he was able to retrieve over thirty purchases leaving just two, where the sellers seemed to have vanished of the face of the earth. One seller Charles could find absolutely no trace off and figured maybe that person may have gone out of business.

The second was looking pretty much the same, when he came across a reference on Google to the seller being in a JV partnership with another marketer.  Charles thought he would send that marketer an email and ask if he knew the whereabouts of his seller.

A day later Charles received a reply in which this guy said, he didn’t know where the seller was, had only that one JV contact with him. Then came the surprise! This person said. “I have a similar product and would be very happy to give you a copy of it.” Charles took him up on the offer and the product actually was superior to his original purchase. Charles joined his mailing list and has subsequently purchased several products.

Case Study Two

This experience was related to us by another friend who uses safelists and traffic exchanges for his marketing. He belonged to this particular safe-list, as a free member, for nearly two years, religiously opening emails every day and building up advertising credits for a product he was developing. Ten months ago he tried to access his account and was told he was not on the database for any of the email addresses he had ever used. He contacted the support desk, and they verified that he was not on their database and had never been, as there was no deletion of the account for any of his email addresses. This despite the fact that he was receiving emails from them every day. They were very concerned and asked which level of membership he had held, when he said a free membership they suggested he start a new account. Our friend asked about the credits he had been building up around 200 per day for two years, which is a lot more than my fingers and toes.  No response has been received to date.

Which business do you think was striving for excellence, and caring more than others think is wise.

It’s All About Us. Or At Least This Bit Is

We try to operate in “caring” more mode as one the cornerstones of our business model. Tell us how you think we do.

Cathy and I are marketers, we make make our living by:

  • Selling digital products on commission for others.
  • Selling products we have developed ourselves.
  • By caring more.

internet marketing

We provide excellent services, products and content to anyone who trusts us with their business.We only recommend products and services that will help you in establishing , growing and maintaining your business. We will not just drag you into the next feeding frenzy, fueled by hype rather than value. In fact you may find many of our recommendations are made after the hype has died down and we can assess things like ongoing support and development.

quality control

We build relationships with people who stop by our websites, both visitors and those who subscribe to our list. Of course we want to sell to you, but that might not be today, next week or next month, and in the meantime we aim to provide you with assistance, encouragement and lots of insight.

We don’t believe that anyone is a tire kicker, just people waiting for the right product and or the wherewithal to purchase it. In our books you are all prospective customers.

If you do buy, then for us that is only a stage in the process of ensuring your success. Having a killer product is only part of the equation. The average marketer will need:

  • Translation skills from “geeklish” to English. The world of Internet marketing has a constantly growing and changing language of it’s own. Developed initially to enable faster and more succinct communication between computer nerds, it can stand as a real barrier, when used with people who have no background in computers or marketing. Ask yourself:
    • What does marketing in the cloud mean?
    • What is the difference between a “blog” and a “sales page”?
    • What is inbound marketing?
  • Help setting up the product in their marketing environment. The only reason we tolerate the so called “bugs” in software is that everyone has a slightly different computer setup. Even if two people buy the same computer with the same core programs, by the time they have had that computer customised or customised it them selves it is likely to be a completely unique machine. It is not surprising that occasionally there are conflicts between components or software.
  • Help with integrating ancillary products. After you have successfully setup your products, it might become obvious that you need another product to take full advantage of your purchase. Do you need a full blown branded product, like Photoshop, or can you use an open source product like Gimp, or a cut down product like Pixlr
  • Help developing ancillary processes. Setting up auto responders, segmenting lists, writing copy or email series beyond those first five or seven that some products provide. It’s like sellers forget you purchased this product to use for a long time. Not just the first 30 or 60 days.
  • To deal with the “fear of failure or “fear of success”. These two are the most common of those things that get into our head and cause us to use defence mechanisms like freeze or flight. If you don’t try at least you can’t fail, again, can’t be ridiculed or slighted in some other way. Recognising these responses can help you help you explore valid alternatives, which as they unfold give the lie to their real power
  • Help with other internal “inhibitors”. Issues like using “big picture thinking” as an excuse for not thinking about details or using the generation of minutiae to avoid taking the next step. Or maybe you suffer from fluctuating motivation or its fraternal twin procrastination. There are many things that can be barriers to your success, but fortunately there are just as many solutions, that can move you around or even through those barriers.

We promise we will do all within our power to support you in achieving your dreams, both before and after any sale. In fact if we sold it or we didn’t we will try to assist.


Let us know what you think about this post and we will continue our exploration of excellence soon

Cathy and Charles

Here is your contact for Cathy or and if you want to talk to Charles

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