It’s All About New Endings?

new endings

New Endings A Sculpture By Diane Solomon Kempler Commissioned for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. It is situated in the Freedom Park Conservancy the largest Park in Atlanta

New Endings

Someone once said that though no one can go back and make a brand new start –anyone can start right now and make a new ending.

So that is our aim with this blog, to encourage anyone out there who is static, directionless, or without focus to take whatever steps are needed to make a new ending.

We can envisage truck loads of New Endings once people realise how possible they are.

You Can Do It In Your Personal Life


Rejuvenate that relationship that has atrophied; recommit or  renew those promises made, change that slide into oblivion into a canyoning experience that will make you a beacon of hope for your friends.

If you can’t see that things will ever change, then it may be time to walk away, start afresh.

Learn to enjoy your own company, to enjoy solitude and silence, (not necessarily the same thing), before you even consider another partner.

Been neglecting your friends?

Have you been meaning to say something to someone who lifts your spirits, or makes a difference in your day?

Do you have a bucket list, if not start one and set out to do some of those things that you put on it. Learn a language, explore underwater caves, come to the Philippines, kiss the Blarney Stone or read a book a week.

Don’t hold back, we have no guarantee of tomorrow, nor do those we need to talk to.

You Can Do It In Your Work Life


career new endings

You are never too old for a career change, in fact as you mature you may find yourself more suited to some interesting occupations.
Teaching in A Trade School.
Real Estate
Financial Consultant. I am much more comfortable with older people in this area.
Driving Instructor
Working For A Charity

Charles says:

One of my deepest regrets is that I spent the last 5 years pre-retirement working for a boss who was a bully, because I believed I was to old to to change the job I had done all my life. Once I finally retired and looked around I found that the skills I had were being widely sought by many small and medium size businesses where those soft skills with people were considered more valuable than knowing how to read an Excel spreadsheet or make a PowerPoint slideshow.

You are probably a lot younger now than I was then and you may be sitting on a goldmine of undervalued or unrecognised skills, that could enable you to make that career change successfully.

Theory Or Practice

Theory is the coat-hanger on which we hang the actions which allow a consistent and safe process to occur.

It is great as long as it doesn’t lead to paralysis by analysis.

new endings paralysis by analysis

So our focus will not be theory although we will have the theoretical and research findings to back up our claims, where they are available.

It will be on action, it will be sharing some things we have done that you might benefit from.

Our journey we will share with you, warts and all, so that you can see that the unknown can be navigated successfully.

Will you join us?

Cathy & Mike

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